The Importance of Pre-Qualifying

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Even if you've not so much as picked out houses to visit yet, it can be valuable to talk with your mortgage loan professional early. Why? How can we help you before you have made an offer, and don't know yet the amount you want to borrow?

We Will Help You Pre-Qualify

We will help determine how much of a mortgage loan you can afford, and how much money you can borrow, by walking you through the pre-qualification process. In this process, we explore your ability to borrow - analyzing your employment, available money for down payment, debt, income, and other areas. We will ask for a minimum amount of paperwork, and avoid a lengthy process.

When you are considered eligible, we prove our confidence in your capacity to qualify for a mortgage by presenting you with a Pre-Qualification Letter (also known as a "pre-qual").

Pre-Qual Power

With your pre-qualification letter, a number of advantages are yours once you locate the house you want to make an offer for. First, it helps you know the amount that you are able to offer. Of greater importance to the home seller, your pre-qualification is like your having walked into their front door with a bag full of money ready to purchase their home! They need not wonder if they're wasting their time if you can't be able to qualify for a big enough mortgage loan. The seller won't worry if he can trust you to qualify for your loan.Your qualifying for your needed loan amount won't be something for them to be concerned about. You have the capability to back up your offer.

We will help you pre-qualify

We will help you see how much of a mortgage loan you can afford, and the amount of money you can borrow, by walking you through pre-qualifying. We accomplish this by analyzing your income and debts, your work and housing circumstances, the funds available for down payment, required reserves, and other financial considerations. We will ask for a minimum amount of paperwork, with a quick process.


While you are encouraged to use our mortgage calculators on this site, it's a good idea to talk with us. That way, we will help you get your pre-qualification letter. For another thing, we may find a different mortgage choice that is a better fit for you. Let us get you started: Contact us at 425-392-2295.

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