MBS Day Ahead: Cue The Thanksgiving Consolidation
11/21/2018 8:22 AM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryI used to be annoyed by the word "consolidation." It was on a short-list of market jargon words that were overused and possibly nebulous. But over the years we've become friends . If it has annoyed or confused you, give it another chance. You might just find a new fri...Read More
Underwriting Product; New Correspondent Investor; Lender Disaster News
11/21/2018 7:56 AM
Posted To: Pipeline PressDo you think non-QM is going to “save your bacon?” After a non-exhaustive survey, it appears that non-QM, aka non-Agency, aka expanded credit, is running at about 3% of overall residential volume. If we do $1.5 trillion this year, my HP-12C tells me 3% eq...Read More
Troublesome Housing Sector Drags Down Economic Projections
11/21/2018 7:25 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireFannie Mae"s Economic and Strategic Research Group (ESR) upped their projection for economic growth slightly, to 3.1 percent this year , but say housing will probably have little to do with it. The first estimate for the third quarter GDP came in at an annualized 3.5 percent, off a bit from 4.2 per...Read More
Improved Rates Have Little Impact on Mortgage Volume
11/21/2018 7:07 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireMortgage rates pulled back slightly during the week ended November 16, but that did little to move mortgage applications higher. The Mortgage Bankers Association said its Market Composite Index, a measure of overall application volume, continued to trend down, dipping 0.1 percent on a seasonally ad...Read More
MBS RECAP: Bonds Refuse to Follow Stocks Lower
11/20/2018 5:24 PM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryWe've had a pretty good run recently where bond yields have been willing to at least move in the same direction at the same time during sharper stock sell-offs. No luck on that front today however. Stocks sold-off in moderately sharp fashion, and bond yields spent most of that ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Unchanged at Recent Lows
11/20/2018 4:21 PM
Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates managed to maintain their lowest levels in more than a month yet again today. All this despite modest losses in underlying bond markets (the stuff that"s primarily responsible for most mortgage rate movement). Apart from bond markets, lenders" individual pricing stra...Read More
Mixed Residential Construction Results, Another Lackluster Month
11/20/2018 9:50 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireOctober was another mixed but largely mediocre month for residential construction . Permits were lower both on a monthly and an annual basis, while housing starts improved marginally, but only for the month. Completions also lagged earlier numbers. The Census Bureau and the Department of Housing an...Read More
MBS Day Ahead: Opening The Conversation
11/20/2018 8:36 AM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryDespite a fairly perfect bounce yesterday, the trend-lines acting as floors in stocks and bonds have given way overnight, even if only in somewhat underwhelming fashion. For instance, compared the 3.06 line in the sand, 10yr yields began the day at 3.04 and are already up a bit fro...Read More
CRA Requirement Study; World Economies Pushing US Rates Lower; LO Resources
11/20/2018 8:04 AM
Posted To: Pipeline PressHere are some tech developments as we seem to be moving closer to machines running our lives, or a loan being approved instantly by reading a fingerprint or retina. No, this isn’t a story from the Onion: British companies are planning to microchip personnel in ...Read More
MBS RECAP: Weaker Start, But Stronger Finish Thanks to Econ Data
11/19/2018 5:04 PM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryBuilder Confidence doesn't typically move markets, but today it did. For the past several month's, the NAHB's Housing Market Index (generally considered tantamount to "builder confidence") looked like it was bucking the consensus among other housing data that ...Read More